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Supplier of technological goods and services

CARTIBER is a supplier of technological goods and services, and a successful wholesaler and service provider within Spain.

Since inception, CARTIBER has evolved in both training and experience with customers and manufacturers, values of innovation, products and services, advice and quality, always striving to meet the growing and varying needs of the industry.

CARTIBER has always worked with great brands that are well known in the industry, they have given their trust and confidence to us to assist their national growth and the distribution of their products.


Seagate, Samsung, WD, Toshiba…


Kingston Tech., HP…

Mother Boards

Gigabyte, Asus, MSI…


Intel, AMD.

We have years of experience in the industry.
Our Headquarters is in Valencia and we have warehouses and logistics centres nationally, across Spain, to serve our products as quickly as possible.

CARTIBER TECHNOLOGY continues to grow thanks to the trust we have gained from our customers and suppliers over the years. We offer products nationally and commits to making sure that products arrive in the users’ hands in a professional way with a guarantee from us, CARTIBER TECHNOLOGY.


Cartiber Technology

As a wholesaler that specialises in storage.